What is CyberSecurityPlan?

A CyberSecurityPlan is a customized plan designed to help organize and protect your business by securing and strengthening its infrastructure.  Through implementing a CyberSecurityPlan, companies will learn to define and protect confidential information in a more organized and safe manner.

Our experts have designed a customized plan based upon your company’s needs.  Whether you are protecting medical records, social security numbers, credit card information and/or other confidential information, utilizing and implementing a CyberSecurityPlan will teach your company how to safeguard and provide the highest level of protection for that information.

As we developed this company we determined that a CyberSecurityPlan is essential to protect a business and strengthen its infrastructure. However, we continued our search to determine how else we can best protect our clients and what other services would best meet their needs. As a result, one company we partnered with is Watch Dog. Should your company be a target of a hacker, Watch Dog will notify you (or a designated employee) of the attempted hack right in the palm of your hand, via your iPhone or Android device. Through proprietary software you can block the hacker, prior to his ever gaining access to your site.

We determined it would be in the best interest of our clients for us to check the vulnerability of their website. Now CyberSecurityPlan will use our proprietary method to test your website and notify you of any vulnerabilities it may have. If vulnerable, you can hire us to provide you with the fix.

Finally, we determined it is in the best interest of our clients to partner with BCM One, a telecom/cloud/consulting company which has audited clients telecommunications costs and successfully saved thousands of clients great sums of money, while implementing state of the art service and providing the highest level of security and protection.

CyberSecurityPlan, via BCM One, will offer clients a full audit and recommendation. It is our goal at CyberSecurityPlan to provide the security and service that many businesses currently pay a designated employee $75,000.00/year.

Let us be your security officer, providing state of the art protection and solutions for all situations you may encounter.

At CyberSecurityPlan, your safety and security is our only concern. Select the package that best fits your company and become one of our members now before you become the next cyber victim.

The CyberSecurityPlan Team

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