Why Cyber Security

“Be proactive, not reactive!” In today’s climate with so much data stored on resident hard drives, on-line or in “secure” clouds, it is critical that businesses make every effort possible to stay ahead of cyber criminals.

Ask yourself if your business is really doing all it can to protect your client's (or patient's) confidential information. Without a CyberSecurityPlan in place the answer is NO! Are you actively protecting your company's infrastructure?

Today, it is vital that every possible precaution is taken. This includes having top experts in the field monitoring and protecting your business and website. Further, if a breach occurs, response time is crucial! You must know what to do, how to act and to whom this breach must be reported.

The difference between rapid breach responses and slower, less-prepared responses can cost a business millions of dollars.

A cyber security plan provides your company with the highest level of security and can substantially reduce your risk of being the next cyber crime victim. By doing so, you are creating a defendable position and will know what to do and how to act if your company is indeed breached.

With CyberSecurityPlan you can demonstrate that your company has taken all steps to protect and secure its clients and confidential information, whether its social security numbers, credit card numbers and/or medical records. If a breach occurs, you will now be able to demonstrate the steps your company took to protect business operations and uphold both state and federal laws and regulations. Most importantly, you can prove that you took all possible precautions to avoid this situation.

Let CyberSecurityPlan keep you at the forefront and up to date with all developments in this new cyber age.

At CyberSecurityPlan, your security comes first!

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